laptops -ASUS VivoBook Pro N752VX

Briefly what problems did the motherboard you sent me have

a) the sound does not work

b) PCI Express, NVMe does not work

c) does not recognize my battery

all other connections and devices are OK

power supply connection port – ok

graphics card – ok

network card – WiFi – Bluetooth – ok

usb and video output ports – ok

the audio output (headphones etc) –  problem

keyboard – ok

touchpad – ok

HDD hard drive – ok

SSD hard drive (M.2 -Type 2280 -, Communication Protocol: PCI Express, NVMe) – problem

Blu-Ray, DVD Players – ok


I downloaded and passed all the Drivers from Asus,

when I go to upgrade to the BIOS it does not leave me and tells me that I do not have a battery even though the laptop is connected to a power supply with electricity.

The battery was selected from the lab I sent the laptop to and is – ok,

also the power supply is – ok

Some measurements I managed to do







this is my laptop 17,3 -Inch

a) my motherboard is this (photo 01,02,03) as you can see in the red circle with the arrow it shows the burning, this was done because we stupidly forgot the laptop connected to the router and lightning passed through the telephone line and burned them .

photo 01


photo 02


photo 03



b) this is your motherboard (photo 04,05) with the problems i have writen to you

photo 04


photo 05


photo 06 your mail envelope you sent me